Monster FAQs

No. Reservations are not required. Tickets are available to purchase online or at the door.

No, although the lighting and atmosphere may feel a bit spooky, this is a museum full of information and displays. Nothing will jump out at you. There are no jump scares.

For our self-guided tours that’s completely up to you! You can run through it without seeing anything pretty quickly or you can spend well over an hour reading all the information cards and enjoying the life sized displays.

Click here to learn more about special makeup effects artist and director, Tom Devlin! (link to About Page)

If you’ve made the short 30 minute trip from the strip you might be wondering what else there is to do here? Boulder City is minutes away from the Hoover Dam, and boasts many tasty restaurants, antique shopping, adventure tours, and more! Visit Hemenway Park for a great view of the lake and to see the bighorn sheep up close grazing on the park’s grass.

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